Monday, March 11, 2013

The Times They Are A Changin'

I know I'm not the only one who uses my cell phone as an alarm clock.  So logically, I'm not the only one who experienced this phenomenon yesterday.  Then again, this is MY cell phone, and it did come from a caveman, who sold it to me for a couple of sticks so he could build a fire.  I thought it was a little strange how his caveman clothing had the Sprint logo on it and a name badge... but I let it go.

Silly me.  The problems started after Sandy.  The phone was fine until the storm hit.  Right after that, it stopped taking a charge.  Or it would take several days to take one, and then the battery would run down in an hour.  Really bizarre.  Then I noticed my kindle fire charger fit the phone, and while at first it still took forever, after a while it began working normally.  Can you tell I am not ready to buy another phone?  Sure I'd love a new iPhone.

I'm the kind of person who holds onto a phone for a millennium   So if I'm going to buy it, I'm going to get the 64 GB phone, so I can fit a bazillion photos on it, and a Cadillac while we're at it since I need a car too.  And with the cost of my daughter's 3 dance classes and costume fees, my son wants new kicks, a new phone (his is better than mine of course) and yadda yadda yadda.... everyone who has kids with expenses can feel my pain.  Kids come first.  So a new phone will wait.  I'm just glad this one pulled through.  For now.  Or at least I thought so.

Until this last weekend and Daylight Savings time.  Now, I've never ever ever changed the time on any cell phone I've ever owned, including this relic.  They have always changed automatically, from 1:59 to 3:00 A.M. on Sunday morning.  So when I went to bed Saturday night I set my three alarms for 7:15, 7:20, and 7:30.

It was a REALLY good thing yesterday was a sunny day.  Because the sun woke me up.  I got up and checked my phone, which said 6:50.  I thought that was very strange, since the sun was not supposed to rise until 7:15.  I checked the cable box... which said - yes, you guessed it - 7:50.  Some not-so-nice words left my mouth then.  I used the bathroom and went back to my bedroom, just in time to see my phone change... to 8:00!!

So... if the sun had not awakened me, my alarm would never have gone off.  Because according to my phone, the clock would never have seen 7:15, 7:20, or 7:30 on Sunday morning.  Because according to MY phone, they just did not exist.

And yep, we were a half hour late to church.  But hey, it's almost Spring.

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