Monday, March 18, 2013


I hate to burst your bubble, BUT...

Nope, you're not invisible. Yes, I can see you.  Truth be told, so can other mere mortals. I can prove it.  Here, see? I just caught you rolling through that stop sign.  The one your special I-see-only-what-I-want-to-see contact lenses missed.  You didn't see me standing there watching you because your "special eyes" missed me too.  I'd return those peepers to the home shopping club if I were you, or maybe back to the Crackerjack box along with that funny drivers license.

Actually, I think I'm the one who's invisible.  At least sometimes.  Like when I'm waiting for the light to turn green at a crosswalk.  I push the little button and wait my turn, til I see both my green light and my "OK to WALK" signal on the pole opposite me. I try to be a good role model for my kids, plus I really don't feel like getting mowed down.  But somehow I must have the power of invisibility because there's an awful lot of drivers out there who seem to want to blow right through not just me, but my little girl as well.  Some of them seem to get mad that we are making them wait to make a left turn.  They seem to forget this was something they agreed to when they obtained a drivers license - the pedestrian has the right of way - always! Not just when it's convenient. But it must be because we're invisible, right? I mean, if these superheroes saw us, they wouldn't do that, would they? Would they do that if it was their own mother crossing the street?  I wonder if she can be invisible too...?

Superheroes also haven't yet perfected the power to make other people's ears deafen while they have obnoxiously loud cell phone conversations in public.  Might want to work on that one before getting too personal.  Then again, maybe they don't care... but the rest of us do.  So try to have some class.

Then we have THE MOST IMPORTANT superheroes.  (You know who you are.)  The Most Important want it all and want it now.  They make sure the rest of the world knows The Most Important come first and they deserve the best.  Pushing to the front of every line.  They just cut off any car in their way, anyone they don't want to hear. Who needs manners?  The right way is their way. Ordinary people should bask in the glow of their superhero existence.  Yeah, right. Don't trip on that cape on the way out.

Now, to all you other mere mortals out there, I'm curious - if you could have just one 'superpower,' what would it be and how would you use it?

Comment and let me know!

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