Friday, March 15, 2013

Them's The Aches - Update 3/15

I brought my daughter in for a chest x-ray this week, since her chest pains weren't getting any better after a month. She now has a new diagnosis of pleurisy.  I was unfamiliar with the condition so did a little online research.  Basically, it's an inflammation of the lining of the lungs.  There's an interior lining and an exterior lining and a space in between, and sometimes air or fluid get trapped between them making it hard to breathe and causing the sharp pains.

I asked the doctor how much longer she'd have to deal with this.  He said she should be better by mid April.  I spoke to the school nurse about it today.  She said the staff isn't used to her being so subdued, they usually call her "Tigger."  I asked the doctor about her activities and he said she can self-limit according to her pain.  So she can play gym and take dance classes but if she has pains she can sit out.

It's hard to keep a Tigger from bouncing.  That's what Tiggers do best... ;0)

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